Ok, so a client came to me and says I really liked a couple of images that I saw on your web site.  My response was ok, which website…, or  ?   She said the second one…and I said ok.  She described the image and I made her a print for her home.  That has happened many times over the years…..So if it’s my personal website , why am I putting on the tifgroupe blog?  Well this happened to be a tifgroupe client.  She researched my work before I could even think of getting the business…She’s seen a good representation of my personal/and our commercial work.

Then came the request…” I need a couple of images to hang in my home…..” She said, What room I said, “The bathroom”  she said…”OK”  I said..  So I needed to use a man’s watch and cufflinks… Ok, not so hard I thought.

After thinking about it…I thought the best way to shoot for a bathroom is in the bathroom….I got the watch, and cufflinks and began working…first of all, the best light in this case was natural light…from the window off to the side of the room…big and bright…

Rather than shooting everything in focus, I found it to be more interesting if you can see the hero object clearly and allow the other objects in the shot to fade into a nice haze…i.e. use limited depth of field…My go to lens in this case is my Nikkor 105 f2.8 which just makes images buttery soft, or as clear as you ever want them to be…

Bathroom shots (7 of 9)

I thought the B&W looked pretty good, but in this case, I wanted to offer a choice… I repositioned the objects and shot..

Bathroom shots (8 of 9)

Now cufflinks are the hero objects in the shot….the watch is playing background…it is larger, but I play that down somewhat by having the much smaller cufflinks in the front….and off to the side so your eye’s go there first…you notice the watch but its really to add to the image, as is the glass container of cotton swabs behind the watch camera right…didn’t notice that…look closely…

Bathroom shots (6 of 9)

Now bringing the watch a little more into focus

Bathroom shots (9 of 9)

Now we are seeing both objects clearly….

……and the cotton swabs….why not!

Bathroom shots (3 of 9)

I’ve never shot for a bathroom, but this was kind of fun….no fuss, just natural light a camera and a great lens…using whatever  I had to make a couple of decent images for a client..

As professionals, we sometimes go above and beyond to make our clients happy….even if it’s an unusual request.  What’s the take away?  This is really simple, building rapport with your clients, allows you to see clearly how to help them…and in return, they see that you are the clear choice to continue working with them..Which is what we all want, a continued business relationship with our clients….

In this case…I sold couple more prints, thus bringing more revenue to Tifgroupe (The Image Facktory Groupe).

A. Hawkins




This last shoot in the studio was a little different.  We had a few photography students from a local college that stopped by to see how we work as a group…. We have an entire crew of creatives that work together to make The Image Facktory Groupe..i.e. Two Photographers, (me, and Louis Bryant) Hair styling (Maria Conway), Makeup (Maeion Bryant), Creative assistance and input(Meredith Russell), Wardrobe (Lester Bailey)….

The back story is that I had been the guest speaker at this photography class  2 or 3 times ….and it was run by a friend and fellow photographer for the past couple of years….One of the students has assisted me on a client shoot in the past and is quite a capable photographer in his own right.

As most times I have more concepts to work than we kept it simple in the interest of time….one thing to remember is to not over tax your crew.  I noticed that they were starting to wear down and the energy level was dropping.  The goal is always to keep the energy level up for the entire shoot so that we can turn out a good product…

The other concepts will wait until the next shoot…we will deal with light and shadows using cookies to provide the shadows and patterns….

Simple lighting set up Large Elinchrom Octa at f8 camera right (fill) and med Photoflex softbox as my key camera left and right in front of the model….the goal was to add some shadow to the back side of the model…Kahdga did a great job of modeling our lighting concept…

kahdga b&w fixed (1 of 1)

Not everything ever goes according to plan….but sometimes happy accidents will come out of a shoot….I love it when that happens but sometimes it’s a pain, because we didn’t get what we were after…nevertheless, it’s always a learning experience..even for the most experienced photographers.  NEVER A DULL MOMENT IN THE STUDIO!

Elise, Ana, Jo, Khadga 2015 (12 of 52)

Elise did a great job of showing some attitude in this designer dress from Octavia…the yellow back drop that we used throughout the shoot made the colors in this dress pop even more….Elinchrom large strip light as key f11 camera right, medium photoflex softbox as fill camera left slightly behind the model but feathered to fill in the left side and provide a little light on the hair towards the back…Elise has been with us many times before, she is one of our constants and always does a fantastic job!! We love it when clients see Elise and say are you sure that’s the same model from the last picture…she is a chameleon..

One of the images that I really thought turned out well…not that they all didn’t….This model was photographed with black & white in mind…

Elise, Ana, Jo, Khadga 2015 (10 of 52)

We were after an old Hollywood feel…something that would almost seem classic but was done in 2014 not 1932…We used the Large Elinchrom Strip as our key and the medium softbox turned on its side so it’s a little longer as fill….we bumped up the power for and moved the light a little further away from the model….(the closer the light, the softer the light…the further the light the harder the light)….i.e. the sun….there is nothing soft about sunlight….it’s a gazillion miles away….

The light hitting Anna is a little punchier than it would have been closer to her….Since it was such a big light…it still covered her with minimal fall off….( I didn’t move it that far away i.e. the inverse square law)….we also bumped the power up a little more…Anna worked this idea and the pose just killed it!……

Elise, Ana, Jo, Khadga 2015 (33 of 52)

Leather look designer dress modeled by Kahdga, who was with us for the first time ….The team loved working with her and she sold this dress!….So many people ask how to separate the model from the background….while keeping it saturated …..mover her further away from it….it’s that simple….(don’t let as much light or any light hit it…) You’ll keep your color saturation and keep them from blending in…(that’s one way)….”ok now let’s move your further away from the back drop and we will light you out here…”

Elise, Ana, Jo, Khadga 2015 (38 of 52)

Joanna, another one of our favorites….She and Elise go way back with us and are our go to models for our portfolio shoots…We are always looking for new models male and female to build looks, try concepts, and help them move forward with their goals..

In this shot Joe moves works an angle as she goes through her moves….this time a little closer to the backdrop notice the slight shadow behind her….Large Octa key, Med softbox fill…..Key f10, fill f8….yes a hair light would have been nice, but choose to do two lights and keep it simple…

Elise, Ana, Jo, Khadga 2015 (46 of 52)

Elise and Kahdga against the graffiti wall…more ideas coming on this one later….simple light…large Octa…big soft light with another smaller light as fill ……

More images, and more shoots to come…


Encourage Thinking!

If you don’t think, then you sort of cease to exist….Our brains are always working on something.  However, I’m not saying that everything we think about is totally productive.

If you begin to consider the many things that we use today in everyday life, like your smart phone, computer or tablet.   Simpler still, a certain article of clothing, your shoes…your fork, spoon or knife….It is a well-known fact that we are inundated with well over 1500 brands per day.   These impressions or intrusions come in the form of products we use or see, or stumble into each and every day…

Someone along the way dreamed up that product, that brand, that thing that we now cannot live without…i.e. Starbucks Coffee…this has become more than a brand.  Apple..ipad, iPhone, ipad touch ilife…igiveup!!.  Products that you see around you…many of which have gone beyond the product stage have become brands like Starbucks, and Apple iwhatever… that are  life altering. ” I can’t see life without this thing”!

I’m writing this blog on my Mac book pro, while enjoying  Nestea, in my favorite Ravens cup, wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt, my bill’s khakis, and my polo flip flops…while watching ESPN on my Sony TV.  I will do all of my printing on one of my 3 Epson printers, check email on my Dell desktop, or my Apple ipad….and so on.

Look around your room, your work space, your office, your home…you will find that you have brands all over the place…if not there then when you go outside, walk down to the store, or while driving…in your whatever car, and or riding your whatever bike.  Your Vehicle is a brand, your shoes are brands etc…..

Thinking of new ideas must  be encouraged and rewarded for any business to move forward.

I expect that you, the business professional or you, the person that knows me, or one of our own in The Image Facktory Groupe will look at this entry with eyes wide open.  It’s an opportunity for us all to remember to never give up, and never stop thinking about the next big thing….You too can contribute to the business and professional landscape.  Weather it’s a new product idea….a new show, a play, or something that makes our lives easier.  It could be a new way to stay in touch, the ideas are endless.  Don’t go on the belief that EVERYTHING WORTH INVENTING, DREAMING OR THINKING ABOUT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE!!!  I DON’T BUY THAT AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!!!!

If anything be encouraged to think….be creative, don’t be afraid to invent,  and above all, please don’t discourage creative thinking or ideas in others!


More Later




Starwon Boutique

Several years ago, when I began this commercial photography journey I attracted a number of people , who were also interested in what I was attempting to do.  One of which happened to be Lester Bailey….the others you have heard of: Meredith, Ken, Maeion, Maria, Louis….together, we make are The Image Facktory Groupe.

  While Lester is in grad school in Atlanta for business, and Design, he put me in touch with a boutique owned and run by Lisa.  It’s down on Charles Street in Baltimore  Lisa has really nice one of a kind type garments, and I hope that we will be able to do more with her in the future.

Long story short, we were working on a few images for the portfolio, and needed wardrobe.  Lester recommended Lisa’s place…So I contacted Lisa, she agreed to let us have pretty much whatever we  needed for the shoot…(Thanks to Lester’s great relationship with her).  When I reached the studio, it became a team effort to pick the outfits to shoot.

Our Model for the Day Jennifer along with Meredith pitching in…made the clothing look great…but my concern was lighting and motivation….(some shoots are harder than others)  In the end, we achieved images that were good enough for print/editorial/advertising…That after all was and is the goal, whenever we get together for a shoot.

Most of the shoot was done with 4 strobes two Elinchrom 1000 w/s/j lights with 20 degree grids and two Elinchrom 500 w/s/j mono-lights with large soft box and beauty dish…and a large Lastolite light panel….

All of this wasn’t used at one time on all shots, and I did vary the power settings based upon the mood, setting and desired f/stop for the shot…light placement…etc….

I find that I enjoy photographing people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing food, flowers, landscapes, clouds and a host of other things…but I love to chat with folks, find  common ground, make them smile, laugh, feel comfortable….that way the shoot goes soooo much better.

All in all the shoot turned out great, aside from a few hurdles to over come..Jennifer and Meredith gave us usable images for the website.  Now to turn what we do into usable ideas for clients…






You never know who you will meet

We know it’s been a while since this blog has been updated, we will try to do a better job moving forward.  The problem is there are soo many different social media outlets, it’s hard to keep up…. that alone can be a full time job.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, Website updates….and day to day business….We need to hire  someone dedicated to those things exclusively…

Now that we’ve apologized…

While on a shoot for one of our clients, we met Chef Mike Bates….Chef was doing a cooking demonstration for healthy cooking and eating.  This guy has a tremendous personality, and knows his craft well…Chef Mike continues his education racking up degree’s, certificates, and awards like we change equipment, we could tell that this is his life’s mission…(good food done right!)   So we struck up a conversation and thought we might work well together.

We will help him with his social media, shoot his creations ( which are simple healthy foods) all made from scratch…with limited ( very limited) processed products added.  Mike is about good  cooking, farm to table foods that taste great and are good for you.

We do go off the reservation with him once in a while like the Mexican pizza from our last shoot…yep it had lot’s OOOO queso…….More on that later.

Our first shoot was in large commercial kitchen that Chef uses to teach out of….so the room was lit with natural light (window) but not enough to bring the ambient up to where I wanted for the back ground ….The florescent lighting came  from the ceiling and the modeling lights from two very strong Elinchrom  strobes that were working from a 3000w/s/j pack. The trick was mixing 3 very different light sources 4 if you count the key light….I didn’t have to use any color correction gels on this shoot…  The key light was a 500 w/s/j Elinchrom light with medium soft box….both baffles in.  White balance was set at 5620K, so it looked very natural and as close to daylight as I could get without gels and minimal color cast.

The two large strobes (modeling lights only) were double diffused  with a Lastolite 3×6 panel, and a Large Lastolight shoot through reflector …as the modeling lights were running at 75%-80%.  I’ve also used these same lights for video  as fill… they are that bright!

We begin with Chef preparing the food….the finished product to follow in a later entry…

Used two lens's during this shoot mostly Nikkor 105 2.8 Micro and a Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VRII

Used two lens’s during this shoot mostly Nikkor 105 2.8 Micro and a Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VRII


Chef Bates

Chef at work

Chef at work

Chef Bates

Everything you see here and somethings you don't were used in the creation of this very delicious dish...other chef's were coming in to see what we were up to...and wanted to sample the finished product..we of course had first crack at it all!

Everything you see here and somethings you don’t were used in the creation of this very delicious dish…other chef’s were coming in to see what we were up to…and wanted to sample the finished product..we of course had first crack at it all!

Chef Bates

In order to make a Hollandaise, you must first break some eggs!!

In order to make a Hollandaise, you must first break some eggs!!

I admit Hollandaise is not the healthiest of sauces, but once in a while…it’s really good!!!!

Chef BatesChef Bates

Chef BatesChef Bates

And so it begins!

And so it begins!

Chef Bates


Chef Bates

Since working with Mike, we’ve also added Chef Dee ( a pastry Chef) I can feel the pounds coming on now….

We make images that our clients use for their business’s….it’s about them, not us….Our goal is to make sure that the images we present to are of great quality, and are CONTENT SPECIFIC to the needs of the campaign!!!

More on the two Chef’s soon…stay tuned!








Natural Light 2

Business comes sometimes in drips and drabs, not at all, or all at once….While working on a couple of projects for the group at home this past Sunday, I received calls from two people needing head shots right away….They didn’t need hair and makeup…so no need to rally the troops ( the rest of our group) this would be something I could handle my self  quick fast and in a hurry…

The first call was from a local actor, Morris who needed a couple of images that he could submit the next day….since I had nothing scheduled until later that day this worked out for both parties….As the second call was from a young woman Rikki who was entering a contest for Miss DC…she too needed a couple of very quick shots that needed to  be sent by Tuesday…

 I scheduled the shoots…one right after the other, in a central location….they were coming from DC, I was coming from North West of Columbia….

so we met in upper Silver Spring Md.

When I arrived Morris was having his lunch…Chick -fil-a…..  and after I did his shots, I did the same thing….this place was indispensable.  Morris and I went in there, to edited his images while waiting for Rikki to arrive.

How to shoot this….public place….weather forecast was for partly sunny….A very good thing!  So I brought one flash unit for fill if I needed it, but 3 reflectors….it was my goal to do this all natural light and use the reflectors as my fill.

We used the brick wall at an angle instead of shooting it head on...always more interesting...

We used the brick wall at an angle instead of shooting it head on…always more interesting…


The green in the image was a nice background difference as the lens through everything behind him out of focus...

The green in the image was a nice background difference as the lens through everything behind him out of focus…

Morris, has had several minor roles on network shows, I wish him good fortune as he continues on his quest of acting…

The colors in the background added to the image making it more interesting to look at with her skin tone and dress.

The colors in the background added to the image making it more interesting to look at with her skin tone and dress.

By turning Rikki around, we had a totally different look that worked just as well...

By turning Rikki around, we had a totally different look that worked just as well…

Rikki is a first year college student entering her first beauty/talent contest…We wish her well….we also hope that our pictures help them both.

The weather cooperated, and the shots worked well…it’s a matter of knowing your gear reflectors, lights, etc… and the process of creating images with what you have….especially when it has to be quick!

There is so much you can do with Natural light…..when possible, we use this….however, when artificial light (flash) is needed it too is a good thing…our goal is to be able to do whatever the job calls for!


Should you business need photography for your website, blog, products, portraits, editorial, beauty shots…we can help you, let’s talk!

Thanks to the folks at Chick-fil-A we were in there a lot, as all of the images were edited just after the shots were taken….each client had their images and were ready to upload them to their respective agencies for publication…


More to come

The Image Facktory Groupe



Natural Light

Sometimes, you see an image developing before your eyes and you just have to photograph it….such is this picture of a salad that I was making the other day for lunch….

It was rainy, chilly, and just not a really pretty day…but the light was outstanding!  If you know about natural light, you know that a cloudy over cast day is not a total wash out.  In fact it can really work in your favor…

No chicken

No chicken


As you can see that, after I made this salad, I looked at it and said….wow….this would make a nice food image….but I really didn’t feel like setting lights etc… I just used the light coming in along with a Nikkor 105 2.8 lens….YES I SHOT THIS RAW, AT f3.2  iso 200 at 1/80th….

After shooting it like this, I decided to add the chicken breast I had warming to get this shot…

Now with Chicken....really enjoyed this salad....!!!

Now with Chicken….really enjoyed this salad….!!!

Anyway you slice it…no pun intended, this was a really tasty salad…and the shot..?  I had it done within 5 mins and was enjoying lunch….

…..and Desert?

My wife makes an excellent chocolate cake...all made from scratch!!

My wife makes an excellent chocolate cake…all made from scratch!!

So much for eating less….but man was this good..


When your business is ready for corporate portraiture, product shots,  P.R. Photos or any type of photography for that matter, call us at The Image Facktory Groupe, we are ready to help you.  It’s our goal to step in, and provide you with web images, stock photos, head shots, editorial, whatever you need.

Thank you for reading, more to come…




For a friend

Ok, if you’ve been reading my Arthur Hawkins Photography blog, you’ll know that I shop at Service photo in Baltimore Md…on falls road…yadda yadda yadda…That blog is from my own personal photography side…This blog is for our Commercial photography side called “The Image Facktory Groupe”.

The actual groupe consists of me and several other creative professionals that continues to evolve…which is a great thing…!!

Why Am I telling you this?  Well, it’s through that store (Service Photo) that over the years of shopping with the Candy Man, I’ve developed friendships with everyone in the store…..a couple of the guys have assisted me on shoots at one time or another…Well, one in particular, Mark, has worked with me three times that I can remember.

As a result of our working together he asked if I would mind coming to his photography class to speak.  He would be critiquing his students projects and wanted another pair of eyes .  As you can imagine, I was very happy to lend anything to the class (call it giving back, or whatever you want to)….this was 2 years ago.

Well since then, I’ve been to 3 of his classes, and each time he asks I feel honored that someone would think that I have something to say. It truly is my pleasure, as I get to see some very good work by his students.  They are all at various levels, but all have an eye for what they hope to create, based upon their inspiration.

Mark too is a professional photographer with years of experience, i.e. studio, location, product, food, so he knows whereof he speaks when it comes to this art form.

The most important thing in business is relationships….we all have them, we all need them, and they are so essential to our existence.

We at the Image Facktory Groupe are only able to to what we do because of relationships, and the trust that we’ve been able to develop with our clients.

Always keep this in mind, regardless of the type of business you’re in…it’s about developing, building, keeping, feeding, and growing relationships…

Mark is a great guy with a lot of knowledge…the folks that he is teaching are a great bunch of budding, and working photographers.  I am fortunate to be asked back to contribute in some small way…

The class....great bunch of folks with loads of talent!

The class….great bunch of folks with loads of talent!

Not the sharpest image I’ve taken….ok it was with my iphone….remember, the best camera in the world is the one you have with you….

Shout out to Mark’s class….you guys are the best!  Thanks for letting me critique your work….and shout out to Travis who’s worked with me before as well…



Elise and Antwan’s Wedding…. Good impressions lead to trust

As photographers, artists, or just people in general….when you meet someone on a shoot, or in business, you never know how your lives will play out.  In this case Elise was modeling for a project I was doing with Jen Siedel who is a fantastic body painter/makeup artist.  Jen had booked the studio I was in at the time for the wounded warriors project, where she would paint the uniforms on models…We did the Army, Marines, I believe we also did Air Force.  On this day Elise was the model for the Army shoot…

She was very pleasant, and easy to talk to, we all hit it off right away.  Fast forward a couple of months, Elise came back for an Image Facktory Groupe shoot…We had 4 models that day so we were there for about 6 hours and it ended well.

Elise spring 2012 octavia shoot

Image Facktory March 2012 shoot-704

Elise really impressed us with her upbeat attitude and willingness to drive the distance that she did to be a part of our shoots.  Since then we’ve used her a number of times…even in our wedding advertisement shoot…where she wore her wedding gown…( she hadn’t even gotten married yet)…


The one image of her that we used was really our best image…..I sent it off to Taylor Goff ( who is a fantastic international level agency graphics designer) ….I can’t say enough about Taylor…she is brilliant when it comes to this sort of thing.  Taylor made the ad , and Elise looks fantastic in it…

Over the period of a year, we all got very comfortable with Elise, and she with us…so imagine our surprise when she emailed and asked if we would photograph her wedding…Not only were we shocked, but very honored.

I guess we really impressed her as a group that not only knew what they were doing, but also that cared about the details…Since she was one of our very favorite models, we said of course and did a little video ( not a part of the deal) as a wedding gift to her and Antwan….


Meredith was with me to get this shot…I had to position my self out of the mirror, and beside a very tight space to get it right…Thanks Meredith, it helps to have a creative coordinator with you at all times!!!



Elise with her Father at the Limo

Elise with her Father at the Limo

Bringing his little girl down the isle.....

Bringing his little girl down the isle…..



Louis shot the other helps to have two photographers...

Louis shot the other helps to have two photographers…

Just a quick shot outside as they get set for their first images alone as Husband and wife

Just a quick shot outside as they get set for their first images alone as Husband and wife

A candid moment with the Bride and Groom

A candid moment with the Bride and Groom

So many more pictures to see,can’t really put them all here now can I?    Anyway, this post is less about the many, many, many pictures that Louis and I took, less about the video Ken shot, less about the hard work Meredith put in working with the wedding coordinator, less about Cassie, and Maria doing Elise’s hair and make up….It’s about GOOD IMPRESSIONS that we leave with people…..And how they trust us with their most important memories…. You never know how a chance meeting will turn out…in this case it turned into a friendship, trust and business.

Elise wedding_207Elise wedding

Elise wedding_195Elise wedding

Elise wedding_192Elise wedding

Elise wedding_164Elise wedding

Elise wedding_132Elise wedding


Elise continues to model for us…so stay tuned to see her next shoot sometime this coming fall….Remember, it’s all about trust, and developing the relationship!

Photographing “The Doctors…..”

We received a call from the COO of a medium now regional medical firm requesting us to photograph their Doctors for an up coming ad campaign.  The usual questions were asked, such as when, where, how, etc…..once all of that was established.  We had a brief planning meeting with the COO and his second to discuss logistics and their vision for the ad campaign.  I might add that at that time, the COO was also acting in the role of marketing director until he hired someone to fill that position….Like I said they were growing fast…

The unknown was the what, where, and how for this shoot…..What do you do when faced with an unknown….run, hide, or see the opportunity,  and make it happen?  Of course we chose the latter, but there was work to do first….

Since we come self-contained, Maeion and Maria (our Lead Beauty stylists…Maeion makeup, Maria hair) were brought up to speed, along with Meredith our Creative Coordinator.  Since our wardrobe guru Lester was out-of-town, Meredith stepped to help…..It’s hard to fill Lester’s shoes, and we all know it, but Meredith got it done.

One thing about crafting images for advertising on location is, sometimes you really don’t know how large or small a space you will be working in….we have shot in theaters, basements of buildings, elevators, in parks, top floors of office buildings, and stairwells of very old homes.  I believe at this point we could shoot in a broom closet if we had to..  Not that we want to, but you do what you have to do…..

This shoot would take place in various areas around the medical center….from the consultation rooms, to examining rooms, to the make-shift studio of the physical therapy lab….when we where done, no one know it was the physical therapy area…nothing beats a back drop to hide doors and everything else….it’s the whole illusion thing…right?!!

First we did instutitional shots to be sent to our graphics designer Taylor

First we did institutional shots to be sent to our graphics designer Taylor

Some with the whit lab coats

Some with the white lab coats

OK, how hard is it to make sure the white lab coat doesn’t bloom all over the place while keeping the shirt, tie and skin tone in check….

Another editorial shot...verbiage to be added later

Another editorial shot…verbiage to be added later

A lesson in how to light the docs, while lighting the xray film while not blowing out the lab coats....

A lesson in how to light the docs, while lighting the x-ray film while not blowing out the lab coats….


A more serious look, but a nice guy, and a great Doctor

A more serious look, but a nice guy, and a great Doctor


Some where a little difficult to make work...but the concept was a good one...

Some where a little difficult to make work…but the concept was a good one…

One of the ones that made it...

One of the ones that made it…

Some parts of this shoot were technically challenging, but only from a conceptual stand point…We were able to execute the shots, which weren’t too difficult, and give the client what they wanted…

In the end, this was a successful shoot, out of it came a number of  magazine,  medical trade ads and billboards that were created.  Our graphic designer Taylor did an unbelievable job..and I believe the some of the images are still in rotation…

It’s great when things work well…by the way…there are so many more shots that made it…but we can’t show them all here…nevertheless, the client was happy with our work…and that’s all that matters…

More next time

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